The Association GAPS wants to offer sound answers to the current problem of cultural integration and participation in the job market by promoting activities of organic and sustainable agriculture.


The “GAPS Model” is able to carry out a twofold impact/effect: social impact and environmental impact.


With reference to the first impact, GAPS represents an inclusive model allowing different actors to interact and exchange skills and experiences in order to benefit different categories of people: young subjects, vulnerable people, young entrepreneurs and local communities.


At the same time, the activities carried out by GAPS foster the regeneration of both urban and rural areas resorting to low environmental impact techniques of organic agriculture.


The variety of people the model is able to involve show how it may represent an inclusive and multifunctional system characterized by a dynamic and easily replicable structure. The main ambition of our association is to implement a network of similar ONGs, in order to promote dialogue, growth and to share best practices.