The Association GAPS is working on the implementation of urban gardens in the metropolitan area of the city of Turin. The urban gardens created by GAPS want to offer an occasion of social and labor inclusion as well as a site for the sustainable production of Km Zero crop. 


OrtoAlto AGAPI is the pilot project


OrtoAlto AGAPI promotes the social and labour inclusion of asylum seekers through urban agriculture, urban beekeeping, and regeneration of urban commons within the OrtoAlto Ozanam, the first Green Community Hub of Turin. 

The project is implemented thanks to the collaboration of Associazione OrtiAlti, Cooperativa Meeting Service, and Associazione Parco del Nobile. 




The final goal of GAPS is the creation of a social farm: Cascina GAPS. Cascina GAPS is thought as a multidisciplinary space where an authentic integration of different categories of people is carried out through a variety of cultural, agricultural and vocational activities.

The subjects involved in the project are both persons belonging to vulnerable categories and young people of the territory of reference of the farm.